Responsible Recycling

We all enjoy the productivity that technology brings to our homes and businesses. However the responsible recycling of older unused technology from tv sets to laptops, paper books to mobile phones, must also be an integral part of modern life.

At Phone Recyclers we have developed advanced systems to take care of your old or unused electronic and electrical devices. Our systems follow the best practices. So you can be sure that we deal with all the health and safety and environmental issues that are involved in responsible recycling.

This page explains how we will ensure that your new technology, electronic and electrical devices from old telephones to computers… are disposed of safely and securely.

First, we have trained staff to sort and separate your stuff. We take care to identify re-usable products and components. Please call customer services to find more about how we completely clean out any data that you have stored in digital memory.

Next when we are satisfied that your products can be safely reused, we send them safely for re-sale and re-use wherever they are needed in the world. The packaging we use is recycled too so as to ensure that our process adds no extra cost.

Next we take components that can’t be re-used through a process of resource recovery. Your gadgets contain lots of valuable materials and we ensure these are recovered for making into new things rather than being dumped as potential poisons.

We are proud that our premises provide a safe, clean, dust free and hygienic working environment. All hazardous materials are processed safely. For example, Lithium batteries and chargers are stored at low temperatures, away from heat sources to ensure accidents are prevented. We take all the appropriate measures to ensure safe transport of any hazardous materials. You’ll find more information on our environmental care page about the materials that we recycle.

Rest assured that we don’t exploit far off communities by dumping hazardous stuff on them. We make every attempt to recover the best value and avoid waste. Indeed we help communities by passing on any usable technology that we can acquire from you.

With Phone Recyclers Responsible Recycling Pays.

We know that you too will share our vision of a cleaner, safer world. So join us today so that all your old, disused stuff can be recycled securely, safely and most efficiently. You will even gain a pay back for helping this good work. Your business or household can take part in responsible recycling today. Make a start with Phone Recyclers today.

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